Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Street Artists Narboo and Starheadboy Show at Irwin's Green Lake

If you haven't been in yet this October, you certainly do not want to miss the new and totally awesome works up by Starheadboy and Narboo. Both prolific, local artists are sharing their works with us at our Green Lake cafe for October and you don't want to miss the vibrant, city-meets-nature vibe in here! The combined showing brings together great lines, pop-out colors and a sketchy realism that will rock your socks off! The pair often show their work together and while they both have their own signature style, the 2 so perfectly compliment each other, that they speak the same language fluently. Both Narboo and Starheadboy have contact information at the ready for any of you who are looking to fill a bit of wall space with some of the best street art in Seattle! Starheadboy is also open to commissions and murals alike!

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