Thursday, October 13, 2011

Irwin's Pizza Schedule

For all you who already love Irwin's in-house and totally scrumptious pizza, and all those who will be falling in love shortly, here is pizza schedule so you always know what your next slice in Wallingford or Green Lake will be!

Mondays-Pollo Loco with roasted chicken breast, Irwin's fresh pesto sauce and red bell peppers-Ole!
Tuesdays-Mushrooms, red onion and feta-Because with feta, everything is betta!
Wednesdays-The Pesto! with tomato slices-Zesto!
Thursdays-Pancetta and arugala with sauteed onions-Mmmmm!
Fridays-The Greek, a serious slice topped with artichokes, tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese, of course!
Saturdays-Party down with the Fiesta! Red and green bell peppers and onions make this a celebration!
Sundays-Tomato Basil, a simple and perfect pairing for pizza everytime!
Every day, we make at least one fresh pizza of the day and most days, we make an additional Tomato Basil pizza pie too, so check in for that always delicious slice and watch our tweets for daily updates on Irwin's soups too!

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