Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nice Shooting, Tex!! Ms. Katie Hill is Irwin's Photo Contest winner!

This photo gem was taken on a sunny, August day and just as our good buddy and fellow Irwinite, Theresa was leaving us, Colorado-bound. Sam, Katie and Theresa all smiles as they just finished a most delicious pastry, here in Irwin's Wallingford. Also, included in the window of the shop, you can spy Seattle's favorite, honest mechanic, John Giovine. Rain or shine, all you need is a little, tasty pastry and Irwin's is just the place to share a special moment with someone you love!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"The frustrations, comedies and adventures of life, all narrated by the individual characters, created by Aaron Winnenberg."

Irwin's own Scone and Cookie Artisan and Banana Bread Baker, Aaron Winnenberg is our Artist for April!

Aaron is no stranger to showing in Seattle. You might recognize his work as he is showing all over town these days in streets and shops alike. Recently, Central Circuit featured Aaron's "Larry Walters" on the cover and shared a bit about his characters in the interview within. He has also been published in Carpaccio Magazine, and you can find him in Juxtapoz online!

Aaron's characters are calm under pressure, always pensive and problem solving. His characters find themselves in various unfortunate, surreal surroundings, yet they are at peace with the chasm to cross, the solid ground to find, or even searching for the light in the darkness. His work seems to depict feelings of struggle and loss, while staying playful, hopeful and always light.

You can find Aaron's characters on the walls of Irwin's Wallingford and in the windows of Irwin's Greenlake until May, and always on the interweb @