Monday, March 14, 2011

Irwin's Community Photo Contest

What thing, person*, memory, or item do YOU love or find interesting when you come to Irwin's??
In the first of what will be many community challenge events, we present to you the Irwin's Community Photo Contest.

We invite patrons (and future patrons!) at all of our locations (including the soon-to-open Greenlake shop) to submit photos of your Irwin's experience!

The idea: We're collecting pictures of Irwin's- inside or out! We hope to capture our customer's experience- things they may love or find interesting (or just photographable!) about our cafes or their time spent in them.

All photos will be compiled, posted to our facebook page, and juried. The winner will receive a free specialty food item of their choice (be it slice of pie, cookie, slice of cake, gooey cinnimon roll, salad, sandwich, breakfast or lunch item, whatever they may crave), their picture will be displayed in the shop, AND we'll post an interview with the winning artist or writeup about the winning photo on our blog.

The most important rule: Be respectful- Ask PERMISSION of any and all people who may be included in your shot.
Submit images to Cara at our Wallingford location, send as a facebook message, or email to: (all photos must be sent electronically or submitted physically to our staff. For the duration of this contest, all photo wall posts will be disabled on our facebook page)
Photo image quality will not be a factor in determining the winner. Cellphone cameras, pinhole photography, polaroids, DSLRs... all types welcome!
Submissions will be accepted through Thursday, March 31st.
Have fun, get creative! We look forward to seeing our shops through the lens of our community!

*again, Ask PERMISSION of any and all people who may be included in your shot!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Irwin's Bakery Coming Soon to Greenlake!!

Some of you may have heard the rumor that Irwin's is opening a new location at Greenlake, and its totally true!
Located at 301 NE 65th Street, right at the corner of 65th and Latona, Irwin's Greenlake will be our 3rd shop and we are enthusiastic to share an open date of mid-April!
Irwin's Greenlake will feature all the favorites from our Wallingford shop and Hydro House, while also focusing on a splendid lunch menu and additional dessert offerings for the later evening crowds.
Stay tuned for progress reports and photos of the new location and check out this great blast from the past photo!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gregg Keplinger’s Striking Acoustic Sculpture

As February flashes into March, its time to switch up the art in the shop and Gregg Keplinger’s handcrafted instruments are just the way to jazz things up for Spring!

Many of us at Irwin’s know Gregg for his favorite table, his single macciato, banana bread and his witty sense of humor, but we are very excited to be showing off a selection of his hand hammered and beautiful instruments! Gregg is a drummer and drum maker by trade and has made quite an impression in Seattle’s music scene, time and time again.

Come in and check out his beautiful instruments on display in the shop! Prices range from $90 for smaller works, $130 for the medium sized pieces and $200 for the largest work. You can purchase pieces through Gregg, or let Cara know and I will pass the info on to Gregg!

Also, check out his website @