Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gregg Keplinger’s Striking Acoustic Sculpture

As February flashes into March, its time to switch up the art in the shop and Gregg Keplinger’s handcrafted instruments are just the way to jazz things up for Spring!

Many of us at Irwin’s know Gregg for his favorite table, his single macciato, banana bread and his witty sense of humor, but we are very excited to be showing off a selection of his hand hammered and beautiful instruments! Gregg is a drummer and drum maker by trade and has made quite an impression in Seattle’s music scene, time and time again.

Come in and check out his beautiful instruments on display in the shop! Prices range from $90 for smaller works, $130 for the medium sized pieces and $200 for the largest work. You can purchase pieces through Gregg, or let Cara know and I will pass the info on to Gregg!

Also, check out his website @ www.greggkeplinger.com

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