Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool things happen at Irwin's

Ok, so I get this email from this cool guy that goes something like this: He and his girlfriend have been coming to Irwin's for a while now and really love the Cinnamon Rolls and fun funky coffee mugs that we serve the Latte's in. They sit outside in the big chairs and talk, plan fall in love and all that. You know the drill there. So, anyway, he says to me, I want to propose to my girlfriend there at Irwin's! So, I write back and say REALLY COOL! How can we help?! Then he says "I want to do it tonight" I said WOW Ok then, let's make it happen! So, he came in early last night, brought some music and talked to my barista. Then he brought her in later, ordered the cinnamon roll, coffee and they sat down. Ok, in the meantime I really want to see this but had other plans, so I have my daughter who works there too text me every step of the way. Here's how it went down.....ME to Rachel: "You must text me everything that happens"; Rachel: "Yeah ok, can Alex borrow your car to go to goodwill?" ME: "I'm at a movie right now with Cara, she can borrow it tomorrow, ARE THEY THERE YET???" Rachel: "I think they just got here." Me: "Tell us everything!!!" Rachel: "Oh, they're eating, nothing is happening." Me: "Cinnamon roll?" Rachel: "Yeah." Rachel: "It happened. She's crying and hugging and what not!" Me:" Aaawwww. Tell them congrats!"
Ok so, moral of story..... Get in to Irwin's Bakery, find great coffee, great baked goods, possibly love, great stories, great friends. That's what we're all about.