Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Irwin's Now Using Shepherd's Grain Flour

We are happy to share that Irwin's is now using all Shepherd's Grain Flour for our delicious pastries and baked goods!
Who is Shepherd's Grain? Why are we so excited to integrate their flour in our creative baking process? Read on...
"Shepherd's Grain is an alliance of 33 progressive family farms dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture.
Mission: (Shepherd's Grain) strive(s) to build a positive economic future for our local family farmers and a healthier planet for everyone by revolutionizing the way grain is grown and sold.
Members: Pacific Northwest farmers dedicated to sustainable agriculture, fair business practices and genuine accountability.
Methods: (Shepherd's Grain does) less to the soil so that nature can do more. (Their) no-till and crop rotation systems enrich the soil and prevent erosion and water pollution.
Model: (Shepherd's Grain values) an honest partnership between farmer and customer, so our unique pricing model provides the farmer a stable revenue and the baker a stable price.
Integrity: (Shepherd's Grain pledges) to be honest, transparent and quality focused. Food Alliance certifies that our farming practices are of the highest standards and our products are traceable through the milling process and back to the individual farmer."
If you aren't familiar yet with the high quality that Shepherd's Grain flour has to offer, c'mon in to Irwin's to get to know their product and ours a little better. We're sure you will see why we are loving having them in our pastry case!
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